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I am a visual designer from China, and currently based in Den Haag (NL), with a main focus on visual identity, website and interactive design. In 2015, I obtained a Master’s degree in Graphic Design at the School of Fine Art and Design St. Joost, Breda (NL). My bachelor study is visual communication in Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing (CH).
I have been worked at Vandejong Creative Agency, digital trainee 2016, Amsterdam (NL); Mind Design, short term intern 2014, London (UK); GIMC, graphic designer 2011~2013, Guangzhou (CH). And currently working at Total Identity , as junior designer in Den Haag (NL);

Available for design collaborations, commissions and freelance work.

Visual Communication Design

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Into Nature At Vandejong creative agency in Amsterdam, I joined the team to design a responsive website for Into Nature Art festival in the North of Netherland.
Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten At Het Echte Werk in Rotterdam, I re-designed the visual identity and website, which are based on the dynamic and dynamic features of their architectural work.
Student meets Studio Publication and poster design at St.Joost, Breda
DutchDesignDaily Chinese Version DutchDesignDaily is an online platform that features a new subject from the broad field of Dutch and European design every day. With the support of the founder Eric van Casteren, I collaborated with Studio Yu (Den Haag) to build a Chinese version of the platform on Weixin. In addition the App I designed is a prototype for the development of DutchDesignDaily.
‘Intuition’ Translating This project experiments that how computer algorithm as a method to translate subjective ideas about aesthetics, also as an attempt to explain how visual communication works. It was shown in the MOTI museum, and participated the symposium “Master of Independent Practice” at the MOTI museum.
Layout Inspirer It is an application to help designers and non-designers quickly create a powerful visual impact in layout design. It comes from my graduation design project.
Tailored Pattern Click -the image on the left- to find your surprise. (you can right click to save these posters you designed)
Language Lab The ambiguity and arbitrariness of language leads to a lot of misinterpretation, but it can also bring amusement in communication. In the Language Lab interactive page, I try to give people another experience of the translation of Chinese and English. Click -the image on the left- to play with it.
Small Stories This project consists of three small books that I designed for a photographer (www.nina Each book is one small poetic story. You can also buy them in deFusie online book stores (